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Welcome to the second module in The Money Nerve Academy’s Ultimate Course series, Mastering Your Emotions.

In this section, we will begin exploring how your emotional response to money has shaped your relationship with money today. You will begin to be aware of how you think and react in certain financial scenarios and learn the necessary steps to shift your thinking and how you react when these situations occur. And unfortunately, they will occur.

It’s important to remember, whatever you uncover about yourself is to be used as information to help you grow. And not to punish yourself, for not having all the information earlier. There is no blame or shame here. Only knowledge to help you grow.

In the course content below, you can access each core lesson as they become available. New lessons will be revealed as you complete each one.

We suggest you take a 2 day break after each block of 5 lessons. And if you want to power through go right ahead.

Let’s begin by downloading your journal (or use your own) and take proactive steps to Master your money story.

Course Journal

Easily download an electronically fillable journal. Open the file and type away.


We recommend using Adobe Reader (free) for all our digital .pdf files for a hassle free user experience.