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Week #4 Core Lesson – Exploring the Power of Your Words

Week #4 Core Lesson Notes

Money Mindfulness 

Money In and Out

As we begin this new week, I encourage you to write down all the money that comes in & goes out. This daily habit of writing down everything coming in (birthday cash, gift cards, paychecks, lotto winnings, etc.) and money going out (groceries, bank fees, lottery tickets, shoes, parking meters, etc.) gives you the power to see and change where your money flows.

Write “Weekly Cashflow” at the top of one of your journal pages. Beneath that, write: “I am going to list all my money, in and out, for the week of ________ through ________. I will be completely honest and without judgment.

Set Reminders

On day #1 of each lesson, remember to set up reminders to help you be more conscious about the financial goals you are setting. You can set an alarm on your phone to remind you 3-4 times a day of your daily challenge or place Post-it notes to help you to remain focused on your tasks.

Your Next Steps

Step 1: Listen to Your Daily Audio Recording

To get started with your daily challenge, click the play button below to listen:

Starting today, you want to pay attention to the words you use when talking about money. Think about all the things you say you want and how you might sabotage your plans. How might you not allow yourself to actually have abundance?

Listen to your inner voice and explore unconscious choices you make: I can never go out for dinner…I’m so broke! What’s the true scenario? Are you really broke? Be honest and eventually replace your words with different options:

  • You (to yourself): I’m broke.
  • You (to yourself): I’m bro … I choose to spend money on shoes.
  • You (to yourself): I’m br … I choose to not save for my retirement.
  • You (to yourself): I’m … I’m making better choices with my money.

Instead of saying you are broke, replace those words with, “I am someone who eats out or wears nice clothes instead of having money in the bank.” After all, you are making the choices that lead to not having money, and you are not broke.

We need to learn to bridge the story that is holding us back with truth so we can eventually let go of our story.  This week, start to listen to the words that you use that are sabotaging you and keeping you from your financial freedom and the life you want to live.

Step 2: Answer Your Daily Journal Questions

  • Write down any financial stories about yourself that you previously believed to be true. For instance, in the past, you might have thought you were alone in your financial struggle and that no one would help you. Now, you may understand that there are resources out there and you can choose to ask for support to create a different outcome.
  • Now that you have more information, what is the truth about those financial stories?

Bonus Audio

A bonus audio recording will assist you on your financial journey. Moving forward, a bonus audio will be included in the first weekly core lesson. I recommend listening to the bonus audio at least twice a week, if not more!

Guided Affirmations Audio

This is a series of affirmations that can be easily incorporated into your daily ritual and can assist you to consciously acknowledge your right to financial freedom. Repeating affirmations out loud helps you to reshape your mental map internally.

Download the Affirmations Here

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down
  • Free yourself from any distractions
  • Click play

After you complete the assessment, click “Mark Complete” at the bottom of this lesson, and you will be finished with your daily task for today.